Why is Aeration Important?

Aeration Importance from Supreme Green KC

As a homeowner, there are a number of ways you care for you lawn. From watering with an in-ground sprinkler system to mowing with sharp blades to insect and pest control, the list of common lawn chores goes on and on. However, one of the most often overlooked tactics that is vital to a healthy landscape is aeration.

Aeration is the process of perforating your lawn to create small holes that allow air, water, and other nutrients to get down deep to the roots of your grass. When a professional like Supreme Green Landworks, LLC aerates your yard, small plugs of soil and thatch are removed, as well as compaction that can starve your landscape.

The process of aeration is important for a number of reasons, as it:

Increases Effectiveness of Nutrients
When you have Supreme Green Landworks, LLC aerate your yard, vital nutrients are able to penetrate deeper into your soil, promoting a vibrant landscape. Thanks to the holes created during the aeration process, soil is also softer, and easier to maintain throughout the year.

Encourages Root Health
Thanks to nutrients, water, and air getting deeper into the soil via the perforation from aeration, roots are able to absorb more and grow stronger in a shorter amount of time. This strong root health created through aeration is the backbone of a continually lush lawn.

Creates a Strong Lawn
Aeration not only helps the roots of your landscape, but it also makes it more resistant to extreme climate conditions such as heat and drought. In a place like Kansas City where the weather is always changing, this resistance is a major factor in creating an environment where your landscape can thrive.

Recommended to be done annually in combination with both seeding and fertilization, aeration is one lawn care tactic that should not be ignored. Great for the short and long term health of your lawn, this process is a must for any Kansas City homeowner.

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