Many homeowners are at some point faced with drainage problems on their property. Poor landscape drainage can not only ruin your yard, but can also cause flooding and other issues with your foundation.

Supreme Green Landworks can help alleviate your drainage issues with a variety of drainage solutions, including French drains, grading, downspout and sump pump extensions, window wells, and various foundation drainage improvements. Supreme Green Landworks approach to drainage issues is simple. Our first step is to address your drainage problem during a free consultation.
Each drainage system offered by Supreme Green Landworks is uniquely designed to solve a specific set of water-related problems. Supreme Green Landworks experts will evaluate the drainage problem and determine which drainage solution is the best approach to your specific problem.

French Drains

If the water in your yard has no place to escape, a French drain may be the solution. A French drain involves removing dirt to create a small trench, which is then filled with rock or gravel and in some cases a hollow pipe. The gravel and pipe work to disperse the water over a larger area, solving the issue of standing water.


The grading process involves Supreme Green Landworks specialists adjusting the grade of your property, either by hand or with a machine, to correct and level out the high and low spots in your yard to control the direction of the flow of water. By leveling out the areas and redirecting the water flow, your yard will drain properly during heavy rains, preventing water from flowing to one specific area.

Downspout Extension coming off the side of a house

Downspout Extensions and Sump Pump Extensions

Downspout extensions and sump pump extensions are good solutions for homes where rain water collects along the foundation and has penetrated the parameters of the house. To solve this issue, an extension is added to the gutter downspout or sump pump and is buried to divert water away from the foundation of the house to an area where the excess water can be used.

Window Wells

If you have been the unfortunate recipient of a flooded basement, you may need to have your window wells adjusted or replaced. Supreme Green Landworks professionals will dig up existing window wells and raise them as needed, preventing water flow into the basement. If a simple readjustment does not correct the issues, a larger window well may need to be installed.


Foundation Drainage Improvement

Supreme Green Landworks can improve your foundation drainage with a combination of several different drainage solution techniques. If your house has a surplus of water making its way into your foundation, this may be the drainage solution to consider. There are a variety of options available that will improve the drainage system around the base of your home, from adding top soil to replacing existing drainage systems.