Trees and shrubs are an important components of any landscape. Not only do they add beauty and improve the aesthetics of your landscape, but trees and shrubs also add color and texture as well as provide shade and privacy.

But tree and shrub care is often lacking or overlooked when it comes to landscape care. Proper tree and shrub care from Supreme Green Landworks will help protect, nurture, and enhance your trees and shrubs.

Supreme Green Landworks offers a customized approach to tree and shrub care. Supreme Green Landworks will assess your landscape to determine the health and needs of your specific trees and shrubs to develop your personalized tree and shrub care plan. With proper tree and shrub care, your trees and plants will be hardier, healthier, and look better.



Pruning and trimming – Pruning is an important component of tree and shrub care. Supreme Green Landworks will prune your trees and shrubs to remove dead branches, remove live branches to thin areas that are too dense, or train the growth direction of young trees. Pruning can also be used to shape trees and plants and to provide clearance for streets, sidewalks, and overhead lines.

Deep-root watering – A lack of proper moisture can cause trees and shrubs to drop their leaves or needles and leave them more susceptible to insects and disease. Deep-root watering delivers the proper amount of water directly to the root zone where it is most needed, helping your trees and shrubs stay healthy and strong.

Fertilizing – Supreme Green Landworks will apply fertilizer to your trees and shrubs, directly at the root system, to give them the nutrients they need to better resist disease and stay healthier over the winter.

Disease and insect control – Supreme Green Landworks will inspect your trees and shrubs for insects, pests, and disease and treat them as needed.

Tree planting and shrub planting – Supreme Green Landworks will help you determine the best location for new trees and shrubs, taking into consideration drainage, sun exposure, and soil type. We will also ensure that your new trees and shrubs are planted at the proper depth to ensure they thrive.

Tree removal and shrub removal – While tree removal is never the first choice, in some cases it may be necessary. Supreme Green Landworks can help you determine if tree removal is necessary. Some situations which may necessitate tree removal include dead or dying trees, trees that are hazardous, trees causing an obstruction, or trees that are overcrowding other trees and plants.

Emergency storm damage – From excessive winds to snow and ice, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your trees and shrubs, breaking limbs and causing stress cracks. Supreme Green Landworks can prune your trees and shrubs after damaging storms to remove broken and loose limbs to prevent further damage.

To learn more about Supreme Green Landworks’ tree and shrub care program, give us a call at 913-829-9929.