3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Yard for Spring

Spring Time home lawn preparation

Spring is just around the corner here in Kansas City, and with it, the desire for homeowners across the metro to get outside and care for their yards. But what are the best first steps to take to care for your lawn?

Three ways to spruce up your yard this spring include:

Aerate Your Space
After a long, hard winter, there is a good chance your soil is compacted. If it is really rough and needs some help, call the experts at Supreme Green Landworks, LLC to set up an aeration appointment. This process will help to break up all of the compacted soil, giving your lawn a fresh, healthy start for the seasons ahead.

Seed Your Lawn
If your lawn became home to some bare spots over the winter months, take the time this spring to seed. As soon as temperatures begin to rise and after you have aerated, fill in any thin areas of your yard with the proper seed (Supreme Green Landworks, LLC can help you find the right type for your lawn), and then water the area regularly as new grass begins to grow. This growing process will take some time, but by summer you’ll reap the rewards.

Water Regularly
The best way to revive and revitalize your yard for the spring and summer is to water it on a regular basis. Not only does watering improve the growth of your grass, but it also benefits the trees, flowers, and shrubbery taking up residence on your property. A sprinkler system like those installed and maintained by Supreme Green Landworks, LLC is the perfect way to care for your lawn this spring, and for the years to come.

Whether you’re trying to bring new life to a dull lawn or just simply hoping to maintain the prestige of your lush grass from last year, caring for your yard this spring with the help of Supreme Green Landworks, LLC is the best way to ensure a beautiful space.

To learn more, visit Supreme Green Landworks, LLC today.