Patios are a great way to create an outdoor living area and increase the usability of your yard. Concrete is durable and inexpensive, making it a popular choice for patios. Many homeowners, however, want something more aesthetically pleasing than a plain gray concrete slab.

Rather than having to rely on landscaping to dress up your outdoor living area, Supreme Green Landworks can use decorative concrete techniques like stained concrete and stamped concrete to transform your patio into a beautiful focal point for your outdoor living space that will outshine your landscaping.



Stamped concrete patios and stained concrete patios offer the best of both worlds, providing all the benefits of concrete with the beauty of more expensive paving materials. In addition to their great versatility, the benefits of stamped concrete patios and stained concrete patios include:

Durability – Stained and stamped concrete patios stand up extremely well to both harsh weather and heavy foot traffic. Decorative concrete patios will last longer than most other masonry installations.

Affordability – Stamped and stained concrete patios are inexpensive options, costing as much as 50 percent less than some other paving options.

Low Maintenance – Decorative concrete patios require very little maintenance. Because there are no individual bricks, there are no grout lines or joints that can open and allow grass and weeds to grow between them. There are also no individual bricks to settle and shift, creating an uneven surface that needs to be releveled periodically. Stained and stamped concrete patios also won’t mold. Simply sweep or wash them with a hose to remove dirt and reseal them every couple of years to help keep them looking fantastic.

Quick Installation – Installation of stamped and stained concrete patios takes significantly less time than laying individual pavers or bricks, meaning you get to use your patio sooner.

Stained concrete and stamped concrete are great techniques to use to create a patio with a unique, custom look. Stamped concrete patios and stained concrete patios are incredibly versatile. They can be poured in virtually any size or shape. Stained concrete patios can combine colors to perfectly match surrounding hardscaping or to replicate the look of marble or stone. Stamped concrete patios are stamped or embossed to imitate the look of other paving materials, such as natural stone, brick, tile, slate, cobblestone, wood, and more. You can also add patterns and designs. Both stained concrete and stamped concrete offer nearly endless color and design possibilities.

These decorative concrete techniques are not just for new patios. Supreme Green Landworks can also use these decorative concrete techniques to restore and transform an old, boring patio into a beautiful stamped concrete patio or stained concrete patio. This is usually a less expensive option that tearing out the old patio and installing a new one.

To learn more about stamped concrete patios and stained concrete patios from Supreme Green Landworks, give us a call at 913-829-9929. Our experts will help you design a decorative concrete patio that will bring your outdoor living space to life.