How to Choose the Right Sprinkler System

Sprinkler Systems Kansas City

Summer is heating up throughout the Kansas City area, and other than trips to the pool and an AC working overtime, that means your lawn is in need of some serious care. Before temperatures reach the triple digits, make sure you are a step ahead of any wilting landscape by choosing the right sprinkler system for your home.

Sure, you may have gotten by with a hose and simple attachment in the past, but the one true way to really care for your landscape is with a full sprinkler system. But how do you choose the right one? The first steps to making sure you have the best sprinkler system for your property are:

List Your Priorities
Is there a vegetable garden in the back corner of your yard that needs watered daily? Does one side of your lawn get more sun exposure than another? Get to know your landscape and list every feature that needs to be covered by your new sprinkler system. By listing your priorities and keeping them top-of-mind during the purchase and installation process, you’ll be able to find the best system that will work for you.

Do Your Research
When shopping for a sprinkler system, make sure you do the proper research. Know the difference between fixed spray heads (they provide a constant fan of water) and flood heads (they penetrate soil to reach the roots of plants), and determine which type best suits your space. Also keep in mind specialty features that some sprinkler systems include, such as rain sensors that stop your system from running when the lawn has had enough water, evapotranspiration controllers that use weather data to adjust treatment schedules, and even WIFI capabilities.

Partner with a Professional
The best way to ensure you get the right sprinkler system for your home is to partner with the experts at Supreme Green Landworks, LLC. Working with you, we will help meet all of your priorities, determine system features that will benefit your home, and then install the system for optimal performance. Plus, whenever you need a sprinkler head replaced or a winter blowout performed, our experts will make sure your system is maintained in peak condition.

To learn more and to find the right sprinkler system for your home, visit Supreme Green Landworks, LLC today.