Fire Pit Design Trends

Fire Pit Design Trends from Supreme Green KC

Imagine the perfect fall evening. Chances are, that includes brightly colored trees, the smell of warm apple cider, and of course, a fire pit that you, your family, and friends are gathered around.

A growing trend across the Kansas City area, fire pits are quickly becoming staples in most metro homes. Fire pits are chosen for both their beautiful features (they can be designed to your tastes to match your home’s exterior), as well as their practical elements (fire pits add warmth, light, and ambiance). While as differing as the number of people who own them, the top fire pit trends include:

Composed of clean lines and neutral tones, modern fire pits are often the focal point of a backyard and reflect the polished style of the family who lives there. Most commonly found in like-minded contemporary homes, this fire pit style often features exposed metal and wood surfaces, giving a unique, artistic flair to the outdoor space.

Found primarily in older, more rustic homes in the Kansas City metro, farmhouse fire pits are centered around approachable sophistication. Showcasing distressed wood, these fire pits give a vintage feel, mixed with state-of-the-art technology and safety elements.

More and more homeowners are beginning to show off their personal style and tastes through custom fire pits. Like those available from Supreme Green Landworks, LLC, these fire pits can be customized to your unique vision, whether that be a certain wood type, size, or metal pattern. Found in both contemporary and rustic homes, these fire pits are the perfect solution for families who wants the best of both worlds.

No matter the type of fire pit trend you want to install, you can find the perfect style for your home at Supreme Green Landworks, LLC. In fact, our experts pride themselves on being able to build whatever design you can dream up. Whether you want a modern structure, a rustic piece, or something in-between, a fire pit from Supreme Green Landworks, LLC is a great way to add beautiful value and functionality to your space.

To learn more or to find the right fire pit for your home, visit Supreme Green Landworks, LLC today.