Over the past 10 years, outdoor kitchens have seen a surge in popularity. More and more homeowners are opting to incorporate custom outdoor kitchens into their outdoor living space. And for good reason. During the warmer months, the majority of entertaining tends to take place in the outdoor living area.

Having an outdoor kitchen allows the cook to remain part of the festivities while preparing food and beverages. It also eliminates the hassle of carrying food and supplies back and forth from the indoor kitchen. As an added benefit, during those infamous Kansas City heat waves, an outdoor kitchen will allow you to cook without heating up your home. Supreme Green Landworks can work with you to design the ideal custom outdoor kitchen for your outdoor living area.

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When designing an outdoor kitchen, Supreme Green Landworks recommends you apply the same design principles that you would when designing an indoor kitchen. For it to be functional and effective, you need to design it with separate zones for a cold area, a hot area, a wet area, and a dry area. Make sure each zone has amble space. Your custom outdoor kitchen can be as simple or elaborate as your imagination and your budget allows. Popular features you may want to consider incorporating include stainless steel appliances, a stainless steel sink, a pizza oven, a smoker, a rotisserie, a wine chiller, work counters, and storage cabinets.

Supreme Green Landworks will help you select the perfect location, design, and materials for your custom outdoor kitchen. The materials you select need to be able to stand up to the elements. Supreme Green Landworks recommends stone, stucco, granite, concrete, brick, or tile for your outdoor kitchen. We can help you select materials that will complement your landscaping and home exterior.

Ideally, your outdoor kitchen should be one component of a larger outdoor living area that includes separate areas for dining and entertaining. These separate areas allow guests to remain a safe and comfortable distance from a hot grill. You should also include outdoor lighting in your outdoor kitchen design, which will allow you to use your outdoor kitchen well after the sun sets. A gazebo or pergola is also a great addition, providing shade and protection from the rain for you and your outdoor kitchen.

Let Supreme Green Landworks help you create a custom outdoor kitchen that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Call Supreme Green Landworks at 913-829-9929 to get started.

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