If you need to prepare your Kansas City yard for another winter, a sprinkler system blowout, or “winterization,” should be at the top of your list as a homeowner.

Living in the Kansas City metro area, the winters can get well below freezing, causing serious problems for your irrigation system. For example, as pipes can freeze and burst in your home, they can also freeze and burst underground. If this happens, you could be looking at a very high irrigation repair bill in order to get your system back up and running properly. Once the pipes break, we need to dig up the system to find the cracked or broken pipes. As you can image this can take hours, even days, depending on the extent of the irrigation system damage.



Supreme Green Landworks has experience dealing with lawns in the Kansas City metro area for many years and knows when it’s the right time to schedule your sprinkler system blowout and winterization process.

Preparing ahead of time by scheduling a sprinkler system blowout before the first freeze is a preventative maintenance step that you can’t afford to skip. Regardless of how much or how little your sprinklers were used, water is most likely sitting in your pipes. Don’t take a chance and assume they’ll be fine all winter. The smallest amount of water left in an irrigation system can cause a pipe to freeze, expand, and burst under the right conditions.

The irrigation winterization process involves using a high-powered air compressor to remove any remaining water in the irrigation system. This protects the valves, sprinklers, and pipes underground.

Due to the high-powered air compressor involved in the process, there are dangers involved in winterizing your sprinkler system. This is not a process that homeowners should take on themselves. It can cause major damage to the entire system not to mention could potentially harm the person taking on the task. Leave your sprinkler winterization to the Kansas City lawn professionals at Supreme Green!

Supreme Green Landworks expertise can make sure your sprinkler system will still be in proper working order when spring comes around and it’s time to start watering the landscape once more.