Types of Drainage Solutions

Water Drainage Solutions from Supreme Green KC

At some point in your homeowning life, there is a good chance you will be faced with drainage problems in your landscape. Flooding caused by poor drainage not only can hurt your plants and other softscaping features, but also runs the risk of damaging your foundation, creating lasting, expensive consequences. The good news is, Supreme Green Landworks, LLC offers a wide range of drainage solutions to ensure your home returns to top shape in no time.

After assessing your drainage problem during a free consultation, Supreme Green Landworks, LLC will provide a solution for you via one of the following ways:

French Drain
Typically used when the water in your yard has no escape path, this drainage solution works to disperse water over a larger area. By removing dirt to create a small trench, we will then fill in the area with rock, gravel, or even a hollow pipe to keep water from standing and hurting your property.

By adjusting the grade of your property, Supreme Green Landworks, LLC will be able to level out the high and low areas of your yard to assist with proper water flow. Done by both hand and machine, this tactic directs liquid to a new location, eliminating standing water.

Downspout and Sump Pump Extensions
One of the best solutions for homes where rainwater gathers near the foundation and has penetrated into the house, these extensions help to divert water to other areas of your landscape where it can be properly used.

Window Well
Adjusting the level of the window wells in your home is a great way to prevent water from flooding your basement. In extreme cases, Supreme Green Landworks, LLC will install a larger window well to help keep your home even more protected from penetrating water.

Don’t let water problems stand in the way of a healthy home. Instead, reach out to the experts at Supreme Green Landworks, LLC today to find the drainage solution that works for you.