Where to Start with Landscape Design

Landscape Design Kansas City

To many homeowners, their landscape is a simple tree and eight year old arrangement of weeds that may have at one point been a flower bed. For those same homeowners, it’s time for a change.

Starting a landscape design is the perfect way to spruce up your lawn, and doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, the best way to begin your design process includes:

Put Pen to Paper
Before you pick up a shovel or lay the first brick, make a thorough plan of everything you want to include in your landscape design. Measure your yard to make sure there really is room for the triple-decker retaining wall you want to install, or the vegetable garden your kids want to plant. Make sure everything not only fits your property, but most importantly, your budget.

Hardscape First
At its definition, hardscaping revolves around the larger, more permanent man-made features of your landscape. From fire pits to patios to stone paths and more, these elements need to be completed and in place first during your landscape design process.

Add Softscaping Elements
Once all of your hardscaping features are in place, start planting all of the soft pieces of your plan. Choose flowers, trees, shrubs, and other softscaping that thrives in the climate you live in, and be sure to lay out your planting blueprint so that enough sunlight and water is accessible.

Give the Finishing Touch
From window boxes to windchimes to bird feeders, the finishing touches of a landscape are what help your personality as a homeowner shine. While small, these pieces sprinkled throughout your outdoor property help tie together the overall design and give your home a big increase in value.

Getting started with your landscape design project doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, designing your own landscape is the perfect way to bring new life to your home in a fun, personal manner. Plus, when you partner with the experts at Supreme Green Landworks, LLC, our professionals will help you maintain your unique design for life.

To learn more and to start designing your own landscape, visit Supreme Green Landworks, LLC today.