Snow Removal Services at Supreme Green Landworks, LLC

Snow Removal in Kansas City

In Kansas City, two things are true:

1. The Royals is everyone’s favorite baseball team.
2. Winters are brutal.

During one typical Kansas City winter, dozens of storms full of ice, freezing rain, snow, and sleet wreck havoc across the metro. From closing down schools for days at a time to running grocery stores out of bread, eggs, and milk, these storms are a regular, typically unwelcome, yearly visitor.

While they do provide for picturesque white blankets and plentiful sledding opportunities, Kansas City winter storms can make it impossible to live your daily live in a safe way. When roads are covered in slush and parking lots are little more than ice skating rinks, it can oftentimes be unsafe for you and your employees to get to and from work when needed. That’s where Supreme Green Landworks, LLC comes in to help.

Supreme Green Landworks, LLC is more than just a lawn care service provider. While some may see us as just warm-weather landscape technicians, our team is highly trained and experienced when it comes to cold weather situations. In fact, Supreme Green Landworks, LLC is fully equipped with everything it takes to make your commercial business safe for your employees during the aftermath of a winter storm.

No one wants to risk their employees getting into a wreck in the parking lot or hurting themselves trying to walk to the front door. At Supreme Green Landworks, LLC our goal is your employees’ safety. By responding to your call and plowing and de-icing your business’ drive and walkways quickly and efficiently, we will help you get everyone safely in the door, on time.

Fully equipped with plow trucks, skid loaders, walks crews, and ice control products, we are able to handle multiple calls a day while still making you a priority. In fact, our goal is to get your business plowed and de-iced before employees even begin arriving for the day, ensuring safety and an undisrupted business schedule.

Your safety is our priority during the winter months. The next time a major winter storm threatens to interfere with your business’ needs, give Supreme Green Landworks, LLC a call and we will provide you with thorough, safe, and quick winter weather solutions.

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