Hardscaping Options at Supreme Green Landworks

Outdoor Kitchen - Hardscape

A home’s landscape is made up of more than just grass and plants. While these living elements are important to your home’s overall exterior, hardscaping gives your property the extra value and functionality that turn your backyard from just a lawn to an event space. 

Supreme Green Landworks offers many different hardscaping options for your home including:

Outdoor Kitchens
Thanks to a rise in popularity over the past decade, outdoor kitchens are the perfect hardscaping addition to your backyard. These kitchens are built just as fashionably as one meant for the indoors, but with extra elements of durability and functionality. Outdoor kitchens can be as simple or as intricate as you would like, and even give you the ability to create unique designs with lighting, accessories, and appliances. Not to mention, an outdoor kitchen allows for you to cook during the hot Kansas City summers without heating up your entire house.

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are a classic hardscaping element that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Commonly created to help hold back soil and for other structural stability uses, these walls are made from hand-picked stones or concrete, and can add texture to your yard. Thanks to the levels created in your lawn from this trend, a retaining wall can also act as a great place to plant flowers, shrubs, and other living elements. Easily incorporated into other hardscaping such as waterfalls and patios, retaining walls are a great solution to your landscaping needs.

Patios are an easy and affordable way to give your landscape an increase in functionality and value. Made from either stamped or paved designs, Supreme Green Landworks’ patio hardscaping allows for homeowners to get creative with their property, making space for get togethers, furniture, or even other hardscaping choices such as an outdoor kitchen. Our patios are durable, affordable, and low maintenance so that you can rest easy knowing your project is built to last.

Hardscaping is the perfect way to add detailed value to your property. Use your creativity to choose functional designs that will fit your needs, and Supreme Green Landworks will give you the hardscaping project of your dreams.

For more information on hardscaping projects, visit Supreme Green Landworks today.