How to Care for Plants in Warm Weather

Garden Irrigation - Water Properly

The Kansas City area is now in the midst of high temperatures, meaning it’s time for pools, BBQ, and baseball. It’s also time for you to think about the best ways to care for your plants in this warm weather. 

Your landscape’s plants have different needs now that temperatures are soaring, then they did when you first planted them. Some best practices for maintaining and caring for your home’s outdoor plants during these hot summer months include:

Mulch the Area
A basic way to help make sure that your plants are cared for in warm temperatures is to mulch the area around them. Mulch will help to keep your soil at a consistent temperature, protecting the plants against drastic changes that can occur and harm their ability to thrive. To make sure you are getting the right mulch for your yard, visit with an expert at Supreme Green Landworks who can help you create a plan of action, and even do the landscaping work for you.

Water Properly
A big factor in caring for your plants during the hot summer weeks is to water them regularly and properly. Keep a schedule of watering your plants at least every other day, but pay attention to the soil. Never water an already saturated spot of soil, but on the other hand, if the soil is drying out more often than you are watering, increase your frequency. A great way to keep a schedule for watering your plants is to install an irrigation system with the help of Supreme Green Landworks.

Watch for Indicators
To make sure you are properly caring for your plants during warm weather, keep a record of how your plants are doing each day. Watch for changes in color and stance, and be mindful especially of when a plant starts to wither. That is an indicator that the rest of the plants will soon be suffering, and you will need to do something quickly to restore care.

With just a little extra care during Kansas City’s warm weather months, your landscape can blossom and thrive all year long.

To learn more about caring for your plants during warm weather, visit Supreme Green Landworks today!