Tips for Planting

Planting Flowers

Your home’s landscape is not complete until it has plants. Whether trees, shrubs, flowers, or anything in-between, plants are the finishing touch that bring both added style and value to your yard. 

Plants are a great addition to any landscape because they are so versatile and flexible. As the homeowner, you get to pick and choose which plants best suit your wants and needs, and then create your own personal oasis with your picks.

Some of the best tips for planting common landscape elements include:

When planting trees, always do your research ahead of time. Knowing basic facts like how big the tree will grow can help you plan where in the yard you want the tree, and how many to plant. When you plant a tree, you also want to be aware of giving the tree proper support and brace it well in its early life, helping to set it up for success and years of healthy living.

When planting shrubs around your home, always be mindful to start the process in either early spring or summer. Planting these pieces then will give them the ability to adapt to their environment before the harsh effects of a Kansas City summer or winter. When dealing with shrubs, also keep in mind that the plant will grow better in native soil to your yard rather than the soil it came in, so remove as much of the original excess before putting into place and surrounding with your own landscape’s soil.

Flowers are a classic addition to any landscape, and are relatively easy to plant. Always be sure to create individual holes in the soil for each of your plants, and once gently placed in their space, cover the area and root ball with native soil from your yard. Never pack soil past the stem of your flower, and always be mindful to water the new flowers regularly.

A simple way to add intricately beautiful plans to your landscape is to team up with an expert at Supreme Green Landworks. Our professionals can help you create a design of desired plants, and then get them planted with our expansive knowledge and techniques. Give yourself the gift of a beautiful landscape by letting Supreme Green Landworks handle all of your planting needs.