Landscaping Services in Kansas City can help with Your Spring Outdoor Cleanup

The winter months are behind us, and it’s time for spring cleaning in Kansas City. That includes your outdoor area and unfortunately, for many homeowners that means a simple rake of the debris that’s been trapped under snow and ice for the past several months. However, to lay the foundation for beautiful residential landscapes that you’ll be able to enjoy over the entire upcoming season, you’ll have to do a bit more than that.

Proper spring cleaning of your outdoor area includes things such as clearing of leaves; pruning shrubs; digging trenches along edges; inspecting all existing plants and shrubbery; removing dead plants or making future plans to; and mulching. Not all homeowners need all of these services and others need more than these. Giving your lawn and outdoor space a complete and thorough inspection will tell you what your lawn needs, or will need in the next several weeks and months.

Many homeowners simply don’t have the time or the know-how to undertake landscaping projects efficiently and effectively; and when they’re in their outdoor space they want to be enjoying it, not working in it. Landscaping services in Kansas City such as us here at Supreme Green Landworks can help and take the biggest tasks off your hands. And, once we’ve inspected your lawn and gotten it ready for spring, we can also provide you with affordable landscape maintenance that will always keep your lawn looking its best!