How to Best Care for Your Landscape During Fall

Fall Preparation Raking Leaves

While most people think that fall is the time of year to start winding down any lingering outdoor work, putting effort into your landscape during this season is the perfect way to set your home up for success in the months to come. 

Taking care to clean up and prepare your outdoor property during fall is easy, and with a little work put in now, will lead to big rewards come spring and summer.

Some of the best ways to prepare and protect your home for future seasons include:

Leaf Removal
During the fall, your yard and home can become cluttered with leaves and other seasonal debris. Instead of just letting the clutter sit around, take the time to properly rake and dispose of your home’s leaves. Make sure you clear leaves from every corner of your property, including near fences, A/C or heating units, dryer vents, and gutters. By clearing these areas and removing leaves properly, your home will stay safe and protected from potential damages (like fires, floods, and other issues cause by leaf clogged areas), for the changing seasons ahead.

Irrigation Winterization
A vital part of your fall exterior work is the winterization of your irrigation system. As the temperature drops and you no longer use your sprinklers, call a professional at Supreme Green Landworks to get your pipes ready for the freezing months ahead. One of our trained professionals will be able to properly blow out any remaining water in your irrigation’s system, protecting against frozen and burst lines that can cause expensive damages to your property. Winterizing your irrigation system is as simple as a phone call, and will give you peace of mind all the way through next summer.

Lawn Clean Up
It can be tempting to leave your garden and landscape full of weeds for the bleak gray months ahead, but fall is the perfect time to get your hands dirty, and your lawn clean. Use mild fall days to your advantage by weeding your landscape, and even planting bulbs that will give your home new life in the spring. Fall is also the perfect time to finish outdoor projects like laying a patio or other hardscaping.

Don’t let these fall days go to waste, and instead spend them cleaning and prepping your home’s exterior for the chilly season ahead. Supreme Green Landworks’ lawn care professionals are standing by and ready to help you get the most out of your prep, whether you are cleaning up, winterizing, or even finishing up outdoor projects like plants and patios.

Give Supreme Green Landworks a call today, and get your home ready for the seasons to come.