From time to time utility companies need to dig trenches or perform other excavation work in the utility easement portion of residential lawns or commercial property. Supreme Green Landworks is often hired by Kansas City utility companies as a subcontractor, and as such Supreme Green Landworks is authorized to access your property and perform necessary utility excavation work.

When Supreme Green Landworks is contracted to perform utility excavation work on your property, we will place a door hanger on your front door. If the utility excavation work is a scheduled project, the door hanger will specify a date when the work will begin and request that you leave your gate unlocked and keep any pets indoors. In some cases an emergency situation prompts the utility excavation work. In this case Supreme Green Landworks may not be able to provide advance notice but we will leave a door hanger letting you know why the utility excavation work was performed on your property and specify which utility company required the work.

The utility excavation work performed by Supreme Green Landworks may include digging holes or utility trenching to make repairs to existing lines or install new lines. Supreme Green Landworks will make every effort to keep any damage to your lawn or landscaping to a minimum. In some cases we may need to move plants or remove portions of your fence. When the utility excavation or utility trenching work is complete, Supreme Green Landworks will restore your lawn to its original condition, at no expense to you.

Trenching and Excavation Services