You’ve created the perfect outdoor living space and landscaping, but without the right landscape lighting, it may not look as great as it could. The right landscape lighting from Supreme Green Landworks will enhance your outdoor living area, making it safe and inviting.

Landscape lighting isn’t only for expansive estates. Even a small lawn can benefit significantly from good landscape lighting. Landscape lighting serves three main purposes: to increase safety and security, to highlight and accentuate landscaping and architectural features, and to extend the usage of your outdoor living space beyond sundown. The first step in designing your landscaping lighting configuration is to consider how you will use the space. Survey your lawn both during the day and at night to determine which areas will best benefit from landscape lighting. For safety and security, your driveway, walkways, steps, and entrances should be well-lit. In other areas of your landscape, consider which areas you use most and which features you want to accent and highlight with outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lighting I Supreme Green Landworks


The perfect landscape lighting design from Supreme Green Landworks will combine a variety of lighting styles, including spot lights, path lights, recessed lighting, hanging lights, sconces, up-lighting, and flood lights. These different types of outdoor lighting can be used to accomplish different goals, from illuminating boundaries to highlighting a particular feature to setting a specific mood.

Supreme Green Landworks will work with you to determine the best landscape lighting configuration for your specific landscape, taking into consideration the size and layout of your property, how you use the space, and the various features included. Supreme Green Landworks can create landscape lighting zones with separate controls and dimmers, giving you the ability to adjust lighting in different areas as desired. We will also carefully position all of your landscape lighting so that it shines exactly where you want it to achieve the desired effect.
Call Supreme Green Landworks at 913-829-9929 and let us show you how great your landscape can look with landscaping lighting designed especially for your landscape.

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