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Enjoy More of Your Home by Expanding to the Outdoors

Supreme Green Landworks can create an outdoor living area that will provide an outward expression of your home and give you a place to enjoy nature. Great landscaping can also improve your home’s curb appeal and add value to your property.


Landscaping / Mowing

Supreme Green Landworks offers landscape design, new landscape installations, additions to existing landscaping, addition of seasonal color, and more.

Our lawn care services include mowing, trimming, weed and insect control, aerating, seeding, sodding, dethatching, and verticutting.

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Drainage Solutions

Our drainage solutions include grading, French drains, down spout and sump pump extensions, window wells, and foundation draining improvement.

Supreme Green Landworks experts will evaluate the drainage problem and determine which drainage solution is the best approach to your specific problem.

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Patios / Retaining Walls

Supreme Green Landworks will replace or install new walkways and custom patios, install appliances for outdoor kitchens, and install fireplaces or barbecue pits.

We can install modular block, natural stone, timber retaining walls, and much more!

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Utility Excavation

From time to time utility companies need to dig trenches or perform other excavation work in the utility easement portion of residential lawns or commercial property.

Supreme Green Landworks is often hired by Kansas City utility companies as a subcontractor, and as such Supreme Green Landworks is authorized to access your property and perform necessary utility excavation work.

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